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What is the best hotel in Auckland?

The best hotel in Auckland is the 5 star Sofitel Auckland Viaduct Harbour.

What is the closest hotel to Auckland Airport?

Novotel Auckland Airport is a 4 star hotel located in the Auckland International Airport Terminal carpark. So it’s only a 1 minute walk to the airport.

Which Auckland Airport Hotels offer free long term parking?

Jet Park Hotel and The Holiday Inn both offer free long term car parking if you stay for one night.

How much does a hotel room in Auckland cost?

Hotel rooms in Auckland vary in price depending on the season. Obviously summer is the most expensive time to book a hotel in Auckland, & winter is the cheapest. In 2019 3 star hotels in Auckland can be found starting from $120 per night. Meanwhile a 5 star hotel in the Viaduct will start from $300 per night in winter increasing to $450 in January. Expect prices to increase during the America’s Cup. Premium rooms will be much more expensive. The top suites at the Hilton are around $1,800 per night in peak season.

Where are the best wineries in Auckland?

The best wineries in Auckland are on Waiheke Island. Don’t miss Cable Bay, Mudbrick and the world famous Man O War Vineyard.

What is the most luxurious hotel in Auckland?

Which Auckland hotel has the best day spa?

So Spa in Sofitel Viaduct Harbour wins the day with it’s french inspired spa treatments including facials and massage. Combine with lunch at Sofitels Lava Restaurant for the ultimate girls day out.

Which is the best hotel near Spark Arena?

The best Hotels near Spark Arena are SO/ Auckland, The Hotel Britomart, and Grand Mercure Auckland. Both are 5 star hotels a short walk from Spark Arena.

What is there to see and do in Auckland?

Which hotel in Auckland has the best view?

The 5 Star Hilton Hotel has the best views in Auckland. It’s located on the end of Princess Wharf sticking out into the harbour. The views are spectacular.

What is the best Auckland Airport Hotel?

The best Auckland Airport Hotel is Novotel Auckland Airport. It has the best location and offers a high standard of accommodation, with great views of the airport.

What is the best hotel on Waiheke Island?

Delamore Lodge is the best hotel on Waiheke Island. Nothing else comes close.

When is the best time to visit Auckland?

Late summer and early autumn are the best seasons to visit Auckland. Remember New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere so best months (Summer and early Autumn) to visit are January, February, and March. These usually offer the warmest and most settled weather allowing you to make the most of Auckland’s beautiful waterfront.

Which hotel in Auckland has the best buffet breakfast?

Eight Restaurant at the 5 star Cordis Hotel has an incredible breakfast buffet available from 6am to 11am. Almost as good is Fortuna Buffet in Skycity which also has an extensive buffet breakfast from 6:30am to 10am. And Aria Restaurant in the Crown Plaza which offers an excellent buffet breakfast from 6:30 am to 10:30am with eggs cooked fresh to order any style you like.

Which hotel in Auckland has the best pool?

It’s a toss up between Hilton Auckland, the pool has amazing views even from underwater with one end wall made of glass. Heritage Auckland with it’s huge rooftop pool and indoor lap pool, and Cordis Auckland renovated their excellent heated rooftop pool in 2019.

Which is the best boutique hotel in Auckland?

Hotel Grand Windsor on Queen Street is the best boutique hotel in Auckland. It’s closely followed by Hotel DeBrett.

Which is the best romantic couples hotel in Auckland?

SO/ Auckland is the most romantic hotel for couples in Auckland City.

Where do tourists stay in Auckland?

If they can afford to they stay in Viaduct Harbour, Britomart or elsewhere in the Auckland CBD. Queen Street and Skycity are also great locations.

Recommended Hotels in Auckland

President Hotel

Cheap 3 Star President Hotel in Auckland CBD

Auckland City Hotel

Auckland City Hotel Suite

The Surrey Hotel

The Surrey Hotel 3 star hotel in Auckland

Top Auckland City Hotel Locations.

Auckland CBD and Viaduct Harbour Hotels

Auckland’s main hotel locations are in and around the central city with Viaduct Harbour being the most sort after. Britomart, Queen Street and the area around Skycity are also popular with Tourists. There’s also a number of hotels around Auckland Airport, but if you’re a tourist and you plan to stay in Auckland you’ll want to be in the CBD.

Hotels in Manukau

Hotels in Manukau are really for New Zealanders, business people who have meetings in Manukau, or people visiting friends or relatives in South Auckland.

Auckland Airport Hotels

Auckland’s airport is well services for accommodation with a number of motels and 6 excellent Airport Hotels

Airport Hotel Awards 2020 winners

Hotels in Takapuna

Takapuna has several hotels and a lot of other accommodation options as well. It will suit some tourists who’ve visited Auckland CBD before and are looking for something different; however if it’s your first visit find a Hotel in Auckland CBD, as close to the Viaduct as you can afford.

Hotels in West Auckland

West Auckland only has 3 hotels to choose from. It’s not somewhere tourists usually stay. Waitakere Resort and spa is a romantic spot for couples, The other two hotels are in Henderson and more aimed at business travellers.

Visiting Auckland

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city with a population of 1.7 million people. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world, voted top 10 by Lonely Planet.

Auckland’s built on an isthmus, therefore it’s surrounded by water; with stunning natural harbours on both coasts. Auckland is known as the city of sails for a reason, Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour and the surrounding Hauraki Gulf Marine Park offer the best recreational sailing in the world. The Hauraki Gulf contains all kinds of marine mammals. There’s a year round whale population, as well as dolphins, seals and orca.

Auckland’s Volcanoes

The city is built on an active volcano field but don’t worry we haven’t had an eruption for 600 years. Actually the last volcano created the stunning Rangitoto Island, visible from all of Auckland’s eastern suburbs. So don’t miss taking a ferry out to the island and climbing to the top, the views are spectacular.

Things to see and do in Auckland

While you’re in Auckland be sure to visit Waiheke Island & the other Hauraki Gulf islands. Or perhaps take a stroll in an ancient Kauri forest. You’ll want to take a swim at one of the black sand beaches on Auckland’s rugged (but beautiful) West Coast. Then shop til you drop in Newmarket, Britomart or Takapuna. Alternatively you can just enjoy the sights and sounds of  Auckland CBD from the comfort of your Auckland Hotel.

Get out of your hotel and climb one of Auckland’s many volcanoes, after all there’s 50 to choose from. You won’t be able to climb them all so try Mt Eden, One Tree Hill, or Devonports  Mt Victoria. They’re tied, first equal best for the title of Auckland’s best views.

If you’re visiting Auckland in Summer then you must take a swim at Piha beach, Takapuna or Mission Bay.

Auckland Restaurants and Nightlife

Auckland’s restaurant scene is bursting with flavours from all over the world. If you’re here over the weekend you’ll find out that after the sun goes down Aucklanders love to party. Viaduct Harbour is the most popular late night destination for tourists, however some of you will enjoy the more edgy vibe of Auckland’s night clubs on K Road and Fort Street, or the cool restaurants and bars in Britomart.

Top Auckland Attractions

And don’t miss out on Auckland’s top attractions including the Auckland Art Gallery, the Zoo, the Auckland Museum, the Maritime Museum, Kelly Tarltons Aquarium, and the Sky Tower. Check out the best activities for teens in Auckland.

Scenic Devonport and Mission Bay are both must visit suburbs, and there easy to get to from any CBD hotel by train or ferry.

Getting Around Auckland

Auckland’s public transport system is a hodge-podge of buses, ferries, and trains. You’ll be able to get most places on public transport. But for anywhere you can’t get too on public transport try a electric scooter (you’ll be tripping over them on every footpath), a taxi or an Uber.

If your planning on renting a car remember we drive on the left hand side of the road here in New Zealand; and we’d appreciate it if tourists did too. You can find out more about driving in NZ at DriveSafe.

Business trips, family holidays, or romantic weekends away. It doesn’t matter why you are travelling to Auckland, what matters is finding the perfect hotel for your stay, be it a business trip or a weekend getaway.

Auckland Hotels offers local advice about hotel locations and only lists real hotels. If you want to stay in the spare room of some stranger’s house then try Airbnb. But if you’d prefer to stay in a nice hotel in Auckland then you’re in the right place. So book a hotel in Auckland with Auckland Hotels.

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