Fun Things to do in Auckland for Teens.

If you’re visiting Auckland with teenagers you’ll want to find some fun, age appropriate activities. Auckland is an amazing city and has plenty to offer for all ages, but the activities on this list should hit the spot with Gen Z. If you’re a boomer try visiting these gardens instead.

Teenage activities Auckland has to offer.


Bring a change of underpants. Spookers haunted theme park will literally scare the shit out of your teenagers. They’ll sleep with the light on for weeks after this. It’s R16 so best for older teenagers. It’s housed in an old mental asylum adding a slightly more realistic edge to the fear. Quite possibly the best teenage activity Auckland has to offer.


Snowplanet is an indoor ski slope in Silverdale 20 minutes drive from downtown Auckland. Try skiing, snowboarding or snow tubing and enjoy the 7Summits Restaurant and bar. Great fun for the whole family. The terrain park offers a challenge to riders of all levels making it one of Auckland’s best activities for teens. Because it’s indoors it’s great even on a rainy day. Snowplanet’s also a great place for birthday parties, you can even BYO pizza, and drinks to keep the cost down feeding those hungry teenage boys.

Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq

Bowling, burgers, an arcade and an experience all in one super cool location. Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq is the place to see and be seen for 15 year olds in 2020. Just remember to instagram it or it didn’t really happen. Another indoor activity perfect for rainy days. Another great option for birthday parties.

VR Voom (Virtual Reality)

Sick of being a spotty faced teenager? Why not give being someone else a try? With VR Voom you can be a race car driver, a sword master, a time traveller, a deep sea explorer, or just about anything. Indoor activity suitable for rainy days. VR Voom offers actual reality birthday parties.

Zombie Survival Challenge

Running through the forest at night, chased by terrifying Zombies is not for everyone. You have to be at least 14 years old and a little bit crazy. If that’s you gather some mates and get your ass to Woodhill Forest in West Auckland for the most terrifying survival experience ever. Forget coronavirus, this is a full on Zombie outbreak, will you survive?

Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari

Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf has a year round population of bryde’s whales (a close relative of humpback whales). There are also bottlenose and common dolphins year round. Migrating humpback whales, pygmy blue whales and the occasional sperm whale. There are also frequent visits from Orca pods. Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari is not cheap but it is totally worth the money and more. If you’ve never seen a whale before it is an unforgettable experience. Do not miss this activity. Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari leaves from Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour daily.

Rainbows End

Rainbows End is a Theme Park in Manukau with over 20 rides and attractions. More suited to younger teenagers who will love the big 5 thrill rides. But fun for the whole family. Rainbows End also has birthday party rooms, but you don’t really need them. Just grab a few of your teens favorate friends and go, then hit up Maccas on the way home. Teenagers don’t need stupid kids party rooms.

Escape Room

Why not lock them in a room and see how long it takes them to get out? That’s the concept of escape rooms. Each room has a different theme and you follow clues to find keys before hopefully escaping. Great fun for teens – it’s like a real life video game. You can lock yourself in the room with the teenagers too if it sounds like your idea of fun.

Rocket Ropes

Rocket Ropes is another great activity located near Auckland Airport next door to Butterfly Creek. It’s is great for adventurous older kids and teenagers. If your scared of heights then this will be a challenge otherwise it’s great fun.

Wero White Water Park

Wero White Water Park is man made whitewater rafting and kayaking at it’s best. This is an awesome activity. With rafting activities suited to young children and adults alike with an optional 10m waterfall, Wero has something for everyone to enjoy (teens included). You’re going to get wet if you come here so be prepared with a change of clothes. This is another great birthday party venue for teens.

Lock’n Load Adventures

Have you ever thought about shooting your teenager? If so lock’n load adventures is the place for you. This activity is perfect for families with older kids or teenagers. They offer laser tag, paintball, and arrow tag. Located next to Auckland Airport it’s also a popular birthday party venue.

EcoZip Adventures (Waiheke Island)

EcoZip Adventures is great fun for families with older kids or teenagers. You’ll need to have a head for heights or be looking to challenge yourself, it’s really high. This is actually pretty scary for adults as well as kids but it is great fun. Take the ferry to Waiheke and EcoZip can pick you up from the wharf. A great day out. You can even stay for the weekend in this accommodation on Waiheke.

Lilliput Mini Golf

This is the best located mini golf course in Auckland. Lilliput have several courses scattered around Auckland. If you are nearby and want to play they are all fine. However if your a visitor to Auckland the only one we recommend is located on Tamaki Drive between Mission Bay and the City. It’s right on the waterfront, combine a game or two with lunch in Mission Bay for a great family day out.

Blastacars Drift Karts

What teenager doesn’t want to go drifting. Better one of these carts than the family car. This is an awesome activity for Dad’s as well. Up to 12 people race at once so it’s great for groups and birthdays. Located in West Auckland. Drift on in for some serious fun.

Hampton Downs Go-Karts

If you’re serious about having fun Hampton Downs is the place for you. It’s a bit of a drive from downtown Auckland but you won’t find a better go-kart track than this. These karts are fast. Great for over competitive teens.

Victoria Street Skatepark

This may sound irresponsible but why not just leave your teenagers at the skatepark for the day. What could possibly go wrong.

Victoria Street skatepark is the best in Auckland. While you relax in your 5 star hotel your teens can meet older kids, learn to skate, smoke, and swear. Pro tip – take a swim off the steps at Wynyard Quarter if it gets to hot in summer.

Parakai Hot Springs

Old school waterpark. These hot pools are a little run down but still awesome fun. They have two great waterslides and haven’t yet discovered health and safety so they’ll still let you make a chain and slide down together. Watch out for nudie night on the first and third thursday of every month. No shit they really do have nudie night, in fact it runs all day. They call them Naturist Swim Days. Don’t worry if nudie day clashes with the school holidays everyone has to keep their pants on.

This place is seriously a great time, and good exercise too if you’re running up the slide tower over and over all day.

Sylvia Park Mall

What teenage girl doesn’t love a good mall? You can take a train here from Britomart, or there’s plenty of car parking if you’re driving. It’s New Zealand’s largest mall, it has all of NZ’s chain stores plus a few international ones that aren’t available elsewhere in NZ. There’s a movie theatre complex, a food court and plenty of bars and restaurants. This is great for adults to if your staying in one of the nearby 4 star hotels.

The 10 best activities for teenagers in Auckland in 2020
  1. Spookers
  2. Snowplanet
  3. Archie Brother Cirque Electriq
  4. Escape Masters
  5. Lock’n Load Adventures
  6. Blastacars Drift Karts
  7. Rainbows End
  8. Hampton Downs Go Karts
  9. Sylvia Park Mall
  10. Parakai Hot Springs
Spookers Haunted Theme Park

Don’t just let the kids sit around gaming, get them out of the family hotel and doing one of these fun activities instead. Or ditch them and get away for the weekend.