Whether you’re alone on a business trip or on holiday with the one you love, sometimes at the end of a long day, all you want is to relax in a nice hot bath. Perhaps with a glass of wine or maybe with your little waterproof friend. These incredible bathtubs are just begging to be filled, and after you try them, you will be too.

Here are some fantastic Auckland Hotels with spa baths in the room. And a few that just have incredible bathtubs.

Hotels with private spa in room

SO/ Auckland Hotel sexy bath with amazing city views

SO/ Auckland has some rooms with magnificent bathtubs. You’ll love the thrill of taking a bath next to floor-to-ceiling windows with incredible city views. Perfect for laying back with a glass of wine at night, soaking those tired muscles, and relaxing.

Crowne Plaza Auckland Spa Suite

Crowne Plaza actually has a spa suite, where the room’s main feature is a giant spa. I’d guess this spa has seen more action than a porn director. It is one of the only hotels with a private spa in room in Auckland.

Amazing sexy 4 star hotel bathroom for couple with Viaduct harbour views

M Social is another modern hotel in Auckland that has made bathtubs a real feature of the room. Any room that gives you harbour views from the bath is OK by me.

Park Hyatt Bathtub

Auckland’s Park Hyatt has magnificent bathrooms. While all the rooms have a full bathtub, the harbour suites have bathtubs with incredible harbour views. And they all have a shower wand that you can use to “wash your hair.”

Hotel DeBrett Bath

Deep baths and beautifully tiled bathrooms make Hotel DeBrett a must-consider hotel in Auckland if soaking in a bubble bath is on your list.

Sofitel Auckland Bathtub

All rooms at Sofitel Auckland come equipped with a luxurious deep soaking bath nestled in a decadent marble bathroom. When you’re up to your neck in bubbles and hot water, you won’t have a care in the world, with a glass of wine in one hand and the other disappearing below the bubbles, relaxing you.

Sudima Hotel Auckland Bath in Room

Sudima is the perfect hotel for anyone who likes to watch TV in the bath. Whether you want to have a beer and watch the rugby in the tub, or you prefer to watch “movies” while you tickle yourself. Sudima has taken the bath out of the bathroom and put it into the bedroom, on a tiled area where you can watch TV or look out the window.

Parkside Hotel Double Spa Bath

Parkside has several rooms with large Spa Baths in the bathroom and big double doors that open the bath area up to the main hotel room, so your roommate can watch you get all wet.

The Grand Hotel Auckland Spa Bath

If you like to play poker in the bath, then SkyCity Grand has just the tub for you. The suites have beautiful deep bathtubs so you can relax and indulge yourself.

The Esplanade

The Esplanade Hotel Spa Bath with Jets

This Devonport beauty is one of the few hotels to have an actual spa bath, with proper massage jets to really get deep into those tired, achy muscles. Or whatever else you point them at. Either way, you’ll be in heaven soaking in this deep tub.

Stamford Plaza Auckland Bathroom (now JW Marriott)

JW Marriott (formerly Stamford Plaza) has got some lavish top-end suites that have fabulous bathrooms equipped with deep luxurious baths. Bill Clinton once stayed in this hotel and quite possibly enjoyed a cigar in this bathtub. Now you can too.

Warblers Retreat

Romantic private bath at Warblers Retreat Hotel

Warblers Retreat is a luxury eco-lodge on 5 acres of regenerating forest just outside Albany on Auckland’s North Shore. While this tub isn’t in the room, it’s on the deck, and it’s just as private. If you like to get naked outdoors or have always wanted to try it, you’ll love this bath. It’s the perfect excuse.

The Convent Hotel Bath

If you have issues from your time at Catholic School, you’re going to enjoy enjoying yourself in this lovely deep bath. Just don’t let the nuns catch you!

Delamore Lodge Bathtub

Delamore Lodge is stunning, and the bathrooms are no exception. Lie in the tub and enjoy the view out the window. Or bring a friend and enjoy each other in the tub.

Naumi Auckland Airport Bath

Turns out bathtubs aren’t always white. Naumi has this magnificent bathtub we’ve dubbed black beauty. So fill her up and give her a try.