Looking for the best views in Auckland? You’ll need to walk up one of Auckland’s volcanoes.

If you have a car you can visit several of these in a day otherwise you can book a tour that takes in most of the best volcanoes in Auckland in a single day trip. The benefit of the tour is the knowledge of the guides who can tell you about each of Auckland’s volcanoes, and you will get to see several in one trip.

Climb Mt Eden (Maungawhau)

tourists enjoy city views from Mt Eden Summit

Mt Eden summit walk.

The tallest of Auckland’s volcanic cones at 196m high and closest to the CBD it arguably provides the best views. The Mt Eden summit walk is an easy 20 minute walk and suitable for most people. The views are better than from any 5 star hotel in Auckland. It’s free to walk up the mountain unguided or you can take a cultural walking tour.

Walk up One Tree Hill (Maungakiekie)

One Tree Hill Crater

The iconic One Tree Hill is one of Auckland’s most popular parks. Allow about 1 hour to walk up the volcano take in the views and walk back down. It’s an easy walk if you follow the road up. The views are a little different to Mt Eden due to the location. One Tree Hill has better views of the Manukau Harbour and Auckland’s South West. One Tree Hill Domain is a large park and is adjacent to Cornwall Park making it even bigger. There’s great picnic spots and it’s a popular location with Auckland families. It’s also a popular exercise spot with joggers and walkers of all ages and shapes.

Kayak to Browns Island (Motukorea)

browns island crater and view to Rangitoto Island

This one requires a boat or Kayak to get to. But it’s worth it. The views are magnificent in every direction. You’ll see Auckland City, Rangitoto, and Waiheke Island. It’s a great place to watch the sunset. You can get a water taxi to the island or rent a kayak. There’s also organised Kayak tours to this island. It’s a 20 minute walk up the Volcano and about 1 hour to walk around the island. Bring a picnic and eat it at the top. There’s no camping on Brown’s Island bring all your food with you and take all of your rubbish back to your hotel.

City Views from Mt Hobson (Ōhinerau)

Mt Hobson Views to Rangitoto

Mt Hobson is located in Remuera with access from Remuera Road. It’s a 5-10 minute walk to the top. Not as tall as Mt Eden or One Tree Hill the views are still great. In particular the views of the City and Rangitoto. This is a great location to watch New Years Eve fireworks in Auckland City. It’s close to Newmarket so easy to combine with sa shopping trip and lunch. Bring your camera.

Climb Rangitoto Island

Rangitoto as seen from Browns Island

There are no Rangitoto Island Hotels so you’ll have to stay in the city and take a Ferry or a Kayak to Rangitoto Island. It’s a 1 hour walk to the summit but better if you take it slow and explore along the way. Don’t miss the lava tunnels, you’ll need a flashlight or  you can make it through with your phone, just hope the battery doesn’t go flat half way through. Rangitoto is only 600 years old. At 260m it’s actually higher than Mt Eden. Bring your lunch as there’s no food to be purchased on the island. Take your rubbish home with you it’s a pest free island.

Climb Mt Wellington (Maungarei)

Mt Wellington Crater

Mt Wellington is in the east Auckland Suburb of you guessed it Mt Wellington. It’s a 10-15 minute walk to the summit. It’s one Auckland taller volcanoes at 135m. There’s a road to the parking lot at the top, however vehicles are no longer permitted. Now the road makes an excellent walking track suitable for wheelchairs and strollers. Once at the top there is a dirt path around the crater rim that takes you to the trig at the summit. There’s great views in all directions but particularly towards the eastern beaches and Rangitoto. The city views are not as good as Mt Hobson but only because it’s further away.

Drive up Mt Roskill (Puketāpapa)

Mt Roskill

Mt Roskill is 110m high and offers panoramic views of Auckland. It’s not as dramatic as some of Auckland’s higher and steeper Volcanoes. It’s one you can still drive up but probably not for long. It offers views of the nearby Manukau Harbour as well as views back towards the city. It’s worth a look if you’re nearby but don’t go too far out of your way to climb it unless your trying to tick off the whole list.