Hotel Rating


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Parking (free)
  • Air conditioning
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • Swimming pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Full service laundry
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Large Conference Facilities
  • Smoke Free Property
  • Fitness Centre
  • Babysitting
  • No free breakfast
  • No pets
  • Not all inclusive
  • No Spa
  • Free Parking

Location Rating



  • Panmure / Mt Wellington

Suitable for

Check in

  • Check in 2pm
  • Check out 10am

Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre Review


Waipuna Hotel and conference centre is a 4 star hotel away from the city centre that focuses on the local NZ conference market. The conference facilities are excellent and can handle fairly large conferences. The hotel is on the edge of Panmure Lagoon which is beautiful when the tide’s in. Not so much when the tides out. There’s plenty to keep you amused nearby the walk around the basin is nice if your staying here, but don’t bother otherwise. Mt Wellington is worth a look too; as is Sylvia Park Mall. This is also suitable for NZ tourists travelling in there own car (free parking). If you’re a tourist on your first trip to Auckland stay in the CBD.


The location is a 7/10. For a Hotel away from the city centre it actually has a bit going on. Sylvia Park Mall is close enough to walk and is NZ’s best shopping mall. The Panmure lagoon has a nice walk and looks great when it’s full tide. Mt Wellington is also worth a walk if you’re looking for things closeby. If you have kids the council pool on the lagoon is also good. Better in summer when the outdoor pools are open too.

Restaurants & Bars

There’s a restaurant and bar in the hotel. It’s nice enough for a night or for breakfast, but if you’re staying several nights head to Sylvia Park where there are several lively restaurants and bars.

Accommodation Standard

The standard of accommodation offered at Waipuna Hotel is a 8/10. This is a well run hotel with excellent reviews. It’s a little older and this is obvious in some rooms but they are clean with excellent service and the views are great half the time.



  • Not so nice when the tide is out.

Outstanding Features

  • A good conference centre
  • Plenty of cheap or free things to do nearby
  • The Lagoon when the tides in. Looks great at night, and on still mornings.

Address: 58 Waipuna Road, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1060

Phone: 09-526 3000