Everyone Loves a Rooftop Bar in Summer

Cocktails on a summer evening, a cooling breeze, views of the harbour or city skyline as the sun sets. How can you not love a rooftop bar. With no further adieu, these are the best Auckland Hotel Rooftop Bars for you to enjoy.

QT Auckland Hotel Rooftop Bar

QT Rooftop is the the hottest new rooftop bar in Auckland this summer, with fantastic views of the Viaduct Harbour. Serving light meals and bar snacks along with beer, bubbles and of course cocktails, this is the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon, or start your evening out. Whether you’re a guest at QT Hotel or just hitting the rooftop for a drink QT Rooftop Bar has to be on your list this summer.

Rooftop Bar at SO/ Auckland 5 star Hotel

HI-SO in SO/ Auckland is a  sensational rooftop bar. It has magnificent views of the Auckland waterfront, amazing decor, and incredible cocktails. Pre Covid this was one of Auckland’s coolest spots and as soon as SO/ is open to the public it will no doubt regain its place as one of Auckland’s finest rooftop hotel cocktail bars.

The Churchill Rooftop Bar

This is my personal favorite of all the rooftop bars in Auckland. Maybe it’s because I like Gin, maybe it’s because it’s 20 floors up and the views are incredible. Whatever the reason it’s always  got a crowd so I can’t be the only one who loves it. They do an incredible selection of Gin based cocktails that look amazing so perfect if you’re all about the gram.

Sudima Hotel in Auckland Central

Sudima Auckland City just opened in December 2020. The rooftop bar is opening early 2021. Because the hotel is taller than anything between it and the waterfront so the views from the rooftop should be spectacular.

rooftop heated swimming pool at Cordis Hotel Auckland

Not really a rooftop bar and only open to hotel Guests but Cordis Auckland has an awesome rooftop pool and as you’d expect in a 5 star hotel they have poolside service so you can get a cocktail on the roof in your togs.

Hello Sunshine @ XBase Backpackers

Hello Sunshine Rooftop Bar

This one really is a rooftop bar but it’s not really a hotel. If you like your drinks cheap and your company cheerful the Hello Sunshine on the roof of XBase Backpackers is the place for you. It may not be the place to get dressed in your finest but it is a great place to have a good time. If you want to get pissed on a rooftop this is almost as cheap as buying a box of vodka cruisers and climbing on the local school roof to drink them. Also a great place to pick up people with interesting accents if that’s your thing.

Rydges Auckland also has an amazing rooftop space that is not open to the public but is available for weddings and events.

Park Hyatt has a rooftop bar called Waka currently under construction. This is expected to open mid 2021 and if it’s built to the same standards as the rest of the hotel will be truly incredible.