Romantic Date Ideas in Auckland for Couples.

If you’re looking to impress the pants off that special someone then we’ve got the perfect romantic activities in Auckland for you. Day time or date night, we’ve got you covered. If these don’t tickle your fancy then just stay in for some Netflix and chill.

Fly to Waiheke in a seaplane for lunch & wine tasting.

Romantic Seaplane Wine Tasting

The perfect romantic day out. Travel by seaplane from Wynyard Quarter to Man O’War Vineyard on the east end of Waiheke Island. Take in the Hauraki Gulf during the scenic flight, then get pissed and have lunch in the vineyard before flying back to Wynyard Quarter. The only thing more romantic is flying to Sydney.

Mt Eden at Night.

Romantic City Lights from Mt Eden

Short on cash? Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine, and someone to snuggle then head up Mt Eden. Best enjoyed on a warm summer night. Don’t head for the summit, just find a peaceful spot with a view, drink the wine and see what happens.

7 Course Degustation Dinner at SidArt

Unquestionably Auckland’s finest fine dining restaurant. Get dressed up like you’re off to a wedding (you don’t have to – but you should) and go for the 7 course discovery menu. They’ll bring you strange but wonderful things to eat for about 2 hours. Get the wine pairing as well and you’ll get pleasantly tipsy without getting really drunk. It’s the fanciest date night dinner in Auckland.

Heli Picnic on Kawau Island

Romantic Heli Picnic on Kawau

What’s more romantic than a helicopter picnic on Kawau Island? Well perhaps a tropical island in Queensland. But a heli picnic is pretty great and Kawau Island is a lovely spot for it.

Lilliput Mini Golf

Lilliputt Mini Golf at Night

Great first date, if you’re that way inclined. pretend you can’t play at all and let your special someone “help” you. Standing behind, you, holding your hands on the shaft of the club, whispering instructions in your ear as you lean back into them…..


Taking your special someone to a an old mental asylum doesn’t sound romantic, think of it more as a test. Will your partner stand and protect you or run screaming into the night leaving you to die a horrible death.

Parakai Hot Springs

Romantic Private Pool at Parakai

This one’s not really first date material, more looking to spice things up a bit. Parakai Springs runs a nudie night, they call it naturist day. It happens twice a month, bookings are essential. If that sounds like fun but you’re a wee bit nervous, you can hire the private rock pool from 9PM to Midnight for just you and your date.

Get a Room

SO/ Auckland Hotel sexy bath with amazing city views

Who doesn’t love a night in a fancy hotel room. Better yet one like SO/ Auckland with a bath by the window overlooking the city. A glass or three of bubbles, a fluffy robe and room service breakfast in the morning. What could be better? Pretend it’s your honeymoon.

Movies in Parks

Not quite ready to get a room yet? Try Auckland’s summer movies in parks. Who doesn’t love the Princess Bride. The most romantic movie ever made. And what better place to watch it than sitting on a blanket in a park with just you, your special someone and thousands of random strangers.

The 10 best romantic activities in Auckland
  1. Wine Tasting by Seaplane
  2. Mt Eden at Night
  3. SidArt Restaurant
  4. Mini Golf at Mission Bay
  5. Heli Picnic on Kawau Island
  6. Test your man’s courage at Spookers
  7. Parakai Hot Springs Nudie Night
  8. Get a Room
  9. Movies in Parks
  10. Netflix and Chill

Or you could get really crazy and go all out on a romantic getaway in Queensland.

Romantic City Lights from Mt Eden